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Добрый день!
Доволен Вашими продавцами, достаточно грамотно и квалифицированно дают рекомендации, советуют что лучше брать в подарок, Спасибо!

Высокий уровень качества шоколада, производимого фирмой.

Хотелось бы отметить, что заказать товар можно из дома.

Спасибо Вам!!


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About the company

The company “Belka” was set up in Samara in august 1998. This was a really bad time for the whole economy of Russia. But our company could survive.
At the very outset the company was a retailer dealing only with nuts and dried fruits, but now, our company grew into one of the biggest local retailers which offers a vide variety of products: chocolate figures, pastry (nuts and fruits in milk/dark/double chocolate, nuts in sugar, nuts roasted in honey with sesame, salt mixture of nuts etc.), nuts and dried fruits mixtures, muesli, tea, coffee and accessories for a coffee break.

It’s very important to add that company “Belka” has it’s own production sector. For several years company worked with chocolate figures and pastry from Moscow. But in 2008 the decision of creating own production was accepted. Our company’s proud is equipment from France and Italy. This equipment allows us to manufacture pastry and chocolate of very high quality.

Another important thing is our unique nuts compositions in honey. The picture of this composition is created by nuts and we have 5 different types of the picture. This is not just a beautiful and tasty delicacies but also a healthy food, because nobody denies that honey and nuts are the source of vitamins, trace elements and energy for the whole day. Besides it’s unique package that reveals the spirit of Russia.

And another sphere of our business is tea, coffee and accessories for coffee break. We offer a big variety of green and black tea from China, Japan, India, Ceylon, different sorts of coffee corns. We also offer accessories like teapots, tea sets, cups, drinking bowls, tea trays of western and eastern type.

In the conclusion, we’d like to say few words about our company and retail sales outlets. Our company is a retail, specialized in nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, tea, coffee, etc. Retail sales outlets of “Belka” company are in almost all big shopping malls of Samara. We don’t try only to sell our product, but also to acquaint customers with it. That’s why much depends on our shop assistants. We do ourselves to make them competent in what they offer. They are provided with necessary literature, and besides they have to pass special exams. By it’s results their knowledge is estimated and in the case of success administration gives shop assistants bonus: salary increase and an opportunity to be promoted.
Besides, our products are represented in federal and regional food trading networks.

Speaking about the plans for the future, we would like to grow, develop our production and sales, indulge customers with the results of our work.

Thank you for visiting our web-site!
Our e-mail: belka_samara@hotbox.ru


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